RCCG takes Jesus to Petrie Island in Orleans, Ontario for Canada day Celebration.

To the glory of God, year 2014’s Canada day (held on July 1st 2014) celebration recorded a first as the RCCG Faith Chapel in Orleans, Ontario engaged the attention of everyone at Petrie Island. The 147th anniversary celebration witnessed a powerful session of prayers for Canada, a session of pop-corn praises where all members took turn to praise Jehovah, and a most engaging period of one-to-one evangelism. Individuals witnessed to includes the cream la de cream of the Orleans society. The MP representing Orleans (Honorable Royal Galipeau), Orleans City Councillor (Honorable Bob Monette) and the Mayor of Ottawa (Honorable Jim Watson.

Brethren hold hands together in love and unity as prayers are offered on behalf of Canada at Petrie Island after a powerful session of pop corn praises.
Some members of RCCG Faith Chapel, Orleans take pictures with the Mayor of Ottawa, Honorable Jim Watson at the Canada day Celebration in Petrie Island.